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RAMSES HOUSE PUBLISHING LLC offers self-publishing and content marketing strategies to attorneys as well as full-service publications management and editorial services for associations.


For Attorneys

Publishing is a marketing and promotional tool many law firms employ as part of their marketing strategy:

  • By offering free, downloadable white papers from the firm’s website to capture potential client contact information.

  • By establishing an e-newsletter with helpful tips and news to retain clients and increase referrals.

  • By publishing a book or monograph to help establish yourself as an expert in a certain specialty or practice area.


RAMSES can help you produce high-quality publications to boost your visibility and credibility. 

RAMSES HOUSE PUBLISHING LLC believes in the power of content marketing. For attorneys, developing a content marketing strategy and implementing it across many platforms helps cast the widest net to capture the most clients:

  • Blogs

  • Articles

  • Books

  • eBooks

  • Whitepapers

  • Newsletters (e-mail and print)

  • Magazines and brochures


Gone are the days of depending  on word of mouth to convey one's legal prowess; potential clients are more savvy and will go online to research a topic of interest when the need arises. If you or your firm isn't publishing content via a blog or other online form of communication,  you're already behind the 8-ball. Content marketing, or education-based marketing, feeds the potential client's thirst for knowledge and let's him or her know that you are a notable figure within your chosen field of law.


For Associations

As with most associations, primary objectives tend to be member recruitment and retention, cost reduction, and non-dues revenue growth. RAMSES HOUSE PUBLISHING LLC staff has more than 15 years of association experience, so we understand how associations work.


RAMSES can help build and/or expand a publishing program to serve your association’s needs while offering a publishing platform that will increase member participation through volunteerism and brand loyalty.


Your program can include peer-reviewed journals, member magazines/newsletters, monographs, toolboxes, how-to guides and manuals, primers, and treatises, all of which offer non-dues revenue potential in the form of advertising and product sales.



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TATIA L. GORDON-TROY, Esq., is the founder of Ramses House Publishing LLC. She is an attorney and publisher with more than 20 years of progressive experience in acquisitions and development of legal references serving attorneys in various fields of law—from targeted newsletters and magazines (print and digital) to how-to manuals and electronic toolboxes; from legal treatises and textbooks to online research databases; from eBooks (ePub and Kindle) to eReader app development. Tatia is an experienced editor who is passionate about good writing and making people sound better than they ever thought they could. What author wouldn’t want that? Tatia is also experienced in content marketing strategies for attorneys and can help them raise their visibility and increase clientele.

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