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  • Tatia Gordon-Troy

Is Your Law Practice a Business or Just a Side Hustle?

As part of my business, I attend numerous attorney networking events, and I am astonished as to the number of solos I meet who do not have a website. I cannot imagine how any attorney can do business these days without one.

Well, what I found is that many of these attorneys have built their practices through referrals from colleagues, friends, and others they come across in their networking. These folks say there is no need for a website.

I disagree. Here’s why.

Place Yourself in a Client’s Shoes

This might be difficult to believe, but when people are looking for an attorney online—whether by name or by practice area—the lack of a website is a turnoff. It gives the impression that maybe this attorney isn’t legitimate.

Now, you may say that having a static webpage shouldn’t be indicative of whether an attorney is experienced and worth his or her hourly fee. But I implore you to place yourself in the shoes of a potential client who resorts to Google searching for just about everything. Where will you fall in that search? Nowhere.

How will people find you when they do not ask a friend or a family member for a referral? Will they find you or the attorney down the hall from you? That other attorney has a website as well as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Avvo pages.

AOL E-mail Screams Side Hustle

Most attorneys with no website also tend to have no branded e-mail address. This might sound like a stretch to you, but as a person in search of an attorney, if I am handed a business card with no website listed and an e-mail address that ends with,,, or, I wonder why this attorney isn’t taking him- or herself seriously as a business. So why should I do business with this attorney?

There are only a few things in this world that are still somewhat inexpensive; a domain name and a branded e-mail address are two of them.

Myth Buster: Cost Is No Longer a Deterrent

What if I told you that building a website doesn’t have to be a long-term, expensive endeavor? There are plenty of ways to get up and running in a short time with little cash outlay. and are among the many website builders that also can help you purchase a domain name. Google even offers domain name purchases and a branded e-mail address for cheap.

Is your law practice a business or just a side hustle? Consider the impression you are leaving potential clients with. Treat your law practice like a business and have the things that a business should have.

And if you don’t have time to pick a pre-designed template and load your content, hire someone to do it for you! Then update your business cards with a legitimate web domain and e-mail address to be taken seriously.

No, seriously. Do it.

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