Jennifer Pascoe

Marketing Director, AMIGA Lawyers

Tatia is the publicist we recommend and have worked with. She is a wordsmith and has the unique ability to create flow and harmony for a book from drafts and outlines. Not to mention, she doubles as a marketer and can assist in creating a promotional plan for the book once it is published. We have loved working with Tatia!


Michelle Hebert

Director, Communications, School Administrators Assn. of New York State

We had a basement full of unsold books - then we found Tatia and Ramses House Publishing. Tatia brought us into the modern era of book publishing – our books are now selling on Amazon and sales have never been better. Her service and expertise have been invaluable to our association.



Alexandra Lozano

Author, Be the CEO of Your Law Firm: Gain Control, Turn a Profit, and Reclaim Your Life

Ever since I was a young girl, I wanted to be a writer; and ever since then, I have dreamed of writing my acknowledgments page. That is why it is appropriate that I first thank Tatia Gordon-Troy, who took my words and brought them to life. You made this all possible. Thank you for understanding my vision and my voice. This book is infinitely better thanks to your talent.


Greg Siskind

Author, The Physician Immigration Handbook, coauthor, The I-9 and E-Verify Handbook

It is with pleasure that I recommend the services of Tatia Gordon-Troy of RAMSES HOUSE Publishing LLC. I’ve known Tatia for several years and when she moved from an in-house publishing position with the American Immigration Lawyers Association to establish her own company, I was enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue working with her in her new role. I’ve written chapters for AILA books over the years and remembered Tatia’s professionalism and solid reputation in our national organization.

I am an immigration lawyer who has been practicing in my field since 1990. I am the author of several books, including titles published by Thomson Reuters, the American Bar Association, LexisNexis, and the
Society for Human Resource Management. However, a few years back, I saw the changes happening in the publishing industry and realized that an author could much more easily harness resources previously unaffordable and only available through large publishing operations. So for my book, The Physician Immigration Handbook, I decided to publish on my own. I wanted more control over the look and feel of the book, the pricing, the marketing strategy, and wanted to retain more of the earnings of the book
instead of just royalty payments.

I knew Tatia had the talent and skillset to help me with this venture so I was happy she was available to accept me as a client. And I can say without hesitancy that it was a great stroke of luck that Tatia’s career move coincided with my publishing timeline. That project has been a great success; and when it came time to deciding to work with her on two follow-up projects – the second edition of my physician immigration book and a new title on employer immigration compliance – I didn’t think twice about
hiring her again. She was able to assist from the earliest part of the writing process all the way through publishing and then post-publishing marketing and promotion, which allowed me to focus on the part most of interest to me – writing.

There are many reasons why the experience was so positive. First and foremost, Tatia’s years of experience in publishing meant that she knew every aspect of what it would take to get the book from my word processor to final publication and into the hands of a broad market. At the earliest stages, she was incredibly helpful in the drafting stage and was able to edit the content to be more reader-friendly. She was then able to move the text from a plain word processing format into a very professional format
that was exactly what we were looking for without our even having to enunciate this to Tatia. Tatia went out and found a designer who produced a gorgeous book cover for us at a very reasonable price. And she handled all of the details of working with the printers to get the book produced at an affordable price and exactly to our specifications. She also produced the book in various ebook formats and set the book up for marketing on the major online retailers.

This book was my fifth; and between the various editions of my other four books, I’ve gone through the process of working with publishers dozens of times. I can genuinely say that this book was the best publishing experience I’ve ever had and I believe that the book itself is the best product I’ve seen in the 23 years since my first book was published. Tatia’s attention to detail and her years of experience made this project a big success.

A number of years ago, I was the chair of the ABA’s Law Practice Management Book Publishing program so had the experience of being a publisher and not just an author. Between my work as an author and
that experience as a publisher, I came to appreciate just how complex the book publishing process is and how many ways there are to mess it up. Tatia made it all look easy and she’s someone I don’t hesitate to recommend whenever I have the chance.

Bruce E. Buchanan

Coauthor, The I-9 and E-Verify Handbook: A Guide to Employment Verification and Compliance

Writing a book is a tough task, but just as tough is getting the book ready for publication, publishing the book, and promoting the book. Tatia has been magnificent in all of these areas. I don’t think Greg and I would have gotten our book, The I-9 and E-Verify Handbook, published without Tatia. Additionally, Tatia made sure we were doing our part in putting the finishing touches on the book. I wholeheartedly endorse Tatia.

Mary E. Kramer

Author, Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity: Representing Foreign-Born Defendants in Criminal Court, Seventh Edition (AILA)

This edition, like the last one, is edited by writer extraordinaire and attorney Tatia Gordon-Troy. What would I do without Tatia? She is patient, dedicated, meticulous, and caring. She is the ultimate professional. I’m fortunate to have her by my side and this book is as much Tatia’s as mine. Over the past 10 years, Tatia has edited four editions of my criminal-immigration law book. Because she is a lawyer, Tatia understands legal writing, and the complicated schedule of a practicing attorney. She is skilled not only in editing, but steering a writer through the complicated and often stressful world of publishing—including formatting, indexing, and printing. Tatia is the definition of a professional, working nights and weekends to complete a project timely and keep pace with her writer. She also is a perfectionist. She makes the writer look good every time. I highly encourage attorneys, professional writers, and authors—anyone who values quality—to look for Tatia for any project, large or small. I know that I will continue to seek her professional expertise for my memoranda, briefs, articles, and books.


John "Jack" L. Pinnix, immigration attorney, Allen & Pinnix PA; writer; former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association 

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tatia Gordon-Troy for over 10 years. She is a skilled writer and brilliant editor. 

Richard Boswell, associate dean for Global Programs and professor of law, Univ. of Calif., Hastings; author of Essentials of Immigration Law (AILA) 

I worked for many years with Tatia at AILA. She was a creative manager and publisher and played an important part in getting AILA Publications to where it is today. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.  

Bob Pauw, immigration attorney, Gibbs, Houston, Pauw; author of Litigating Immigration Cases in Federal Court (AILA) 

Tatia is great to work with, an excellent editor. 

David Leopold, immigration attorney, Leopold & Associates; national writer; former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association 

In a word, [Tatia]is amazing. Among AILA’s core missions is the improvement of the practice of immigration law. The AILA Publications Department is the cornerstone of this effort. For years, Tatia was instrumental in raising the quality of AILA's publications and more than doubling the number of books comprising AILA’s publications offerings. With Tatia at the helm of AILA’s publishing program, AILA has offered some of the best, most respected professional guidance and detailed, practical advice for use in a complicated field of law practice. Our members have come to rely on AILA’s excellent publications, which are the gold standard in the industry. As an outstanding editor and project manager, Tatia has earned praise from many authors for her tireless efforts in producing books they could be proud of. During her tenure as director, AILA's presence and position in the immigration publishing arena were strengthened, making it the go-to resource for immigration law references. Tatia also managed to take a struggling CD research product and, amid much criticism, transformed it to a million-dollar revenue-generating online database. Her innovative ideas, attention to detail, and skills in getting the job done would benefit any company or association. She’s also a wonderful person and an absolute pleasure to work with. 





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